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A Proud Tradition of Automotive Excellence

Broad Street VPA specializes in the service repair and restoration of new and classic Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and BMW vehicles. We maintain the highest level of diagnostic and restoration technologies available. Other than the German vehicles we service and restore we also service and restore select fine European and classic vehicles.

Meet the Team

Jonathan Jurgens

Jonathan Jurgens

Jonathan was born and raised right here in San Luis Obispo. He learned the automotive trade from his father Peter Jurgens, founder and operator of British Sports Cars, which has been serving the Central Coast since 1980. While growing up around British and other fine and exotic European vehicles, Jonathan learned to be master automobile mechanic and restorer .He decided to take his career to the next level by apprenticing under master automobile technicians in and around San Luis Obispo.

During his apprenticeship, Jonathan worked closely with a master technician for Volkswagen, Porsche, Audi, and BMW. A former instructor for Volkswagen of America, the master technician was at the time the owner and operator of VPA Auto Repair, which opened in San Luis Obispo in 1975 and well-known for expert Volkswagen Porsche, Audi, and BMW service and repair.

Eventually, Jonathan followed in his father's footsteps and opened his own shop where he could do what he's always done best: service, repair, and restore fine European automobiles. After six years running a successful and fulfilling business at Broad Street Automotive, Jonathan was approached by his friend and mentor, the owner of VPA Auto Repair. He was retiring and thought who better to sell the business to than his long-time apprentice. Jonathan renamed the shop Broad Street VPA and the rest is history.

Nate Taylan

Nate began working for Broad Street Automotive in 2008. He previously worked in the auto parts business for eight years. Born and raised in Salinas, he began working on cars at very young age, building his first engine at the age of fourteen, and restoring his first car shortly thereafter. Nate inherited his passion for cars from his father, who loves to tinker on anything mechanical.

Nate relocated to San Luis Obispo to attend school in 2002. Working at a local parts store helped him learn about the business and how he could be a productive part in this evolving profession. It was at this part store that Jonathan found him, and asked if he wanted to move up and manage Broad Street Auto. For the past few years, and hopefully many more to come, Nate has helped Broad Street Automotive grow into the successful business it is today.

Sergio Santabanez

Sergio Santibanez

Sergio has had an interest in cars from an early age. He was brought up in Morro Bay, California and attended Morro Bay High School, where he he took his first automotive class. From then on, he was encouraged to continue his studies, and after high school he enrolled at Cuesta College and entered the automotive tech program. While in school, Sergio worked in many different jobs from restaurants and construction to retail sales, but he always knew that one day he would work with cars.

As the newest member of Broad Street Auto, he feels honored to be part of a well-respected team and hopes to learn a lot more about the unique selection of cars we work on. In his spare time, he enjoys working on his own cars or spending time with his two very adorable dogs. He also makes sure to spend time with his two younger brothers, and teach them about cars.



Meet Bridget, our friendly and faithful shop mascot. Bridget loves to spend the day in the shop, gretting customers and keeping an eye on the crew. Feel free to sya "Hi" to Bridget, but whatever you do, do not give her your keys!


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